• Project:Loneliness (owned by Stavros Kaminis, GR)
    • Description:Two figures emerge. The blue figure denotes the physical aspect of loneliness as it is experienced in the body. The golden figure denotes the spiritual element, with a calm pause to what will come. There is an internal discussion giving birth to creativity.
      Dimensions: Length: 0,85m Height: 1,10m
    • Project:Freak s.o.s. (owned by Anastasia Goudeli, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0.35m x 0.50m each
    • Project:Dancing duo (owned by Virginia Mpouta, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 0,35m Height: 0,50m  
    • Project:Rebirth of a man (unavailable)
    • Description:A man is reborn carrying all the archetypes of his existence. Dolphins, a condor, a bird with wings ready to fly, a womb and a cord.
      Dimensions: Length: 0,90m Height: 1,50m The painting changes colour depending on the lighting.
    • Project:Clash between love & lust (unvailable)
    • Description: A clash between that which has been sown and grows in the future as love, for the female figure to see, while the horse of desire, bites her towards another direction.
      Dimensions: Length: 0,90m Height: 1,30m
    • Project:Growth In Perpetuity (owned by Errieta Filippousi-Tola, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: 1.00m x 1.20m
    • Project:Blessing (owned by Margarita Hatzinasiou, CH)
    • Description:Dimensions: 1,00m x 1,00m
    • Project:Sea affair (owned by Takis & Becky Tsakalakos, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0,60m x 0,40m
    • Project:Shaimaa–Last Breath (owned by Pasxalis Gioftsiou, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0.90m x 1.20m
    • Project:Interconnection (owned by Dora Psaltopoulou, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0.60 x 0.90m
    • Project:Dancing Couple (available)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0.70m x 1.00m
    • Project:In Development (owned by Margarita Hatzinasiou, NY USA)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0.30m x0.30m each
    • Project:Growing Heart (auctioned in NY, USA)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0.60m x 0.80m
    • Project:Minerva (owned by Mary Kachulis, NY USA)
    • Description:The goddess Minerva emerges through knowledge.
    • Project:Rolling Rose (owned by Vaso Kachulis, NY USA)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0.80m x 0.60m
    • Project:Beirut (owned by Ioanna Kaloida, GR)
    • Description:The city where unison and contradiction are brought together. Energies of creation are reaching a sky of void holding a pause to what shall be born. The different shades of blue denote the variety of identities residing together.
      Dimensions: Length: 1,00m Height: 1,30m
    • Project:Shells (owned by Stella Kolyvopoulou, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 0,50m Height: 0,35m  
    • Project:Dancing duo (owned by Virginia Mpouta, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 0,35m Height: 0,50m  
    • Project:Murder (owned by Stellina Troianou, GR)
    • Description:The murder of Pavlos Fisas. An aforethought murder that brought therapy and hope instead of collision and distraction, through the sacrifice of a man who believed in love and forgiveness.
      Dimensions: Length: 0,40m Height: 0,40m
    • Project:Flame (owned by Kostas Ragavis, GR)
    • Description:
    • Project:Shooting Star (owned by Mary & Pashalis Terzis)
    • Description:Dimensions:
      Length: 0,40m
      Height: 0,40m
    • Project:Serafeim (owned by Serafeim Papadimitriou, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 0.40m Height: 0.40m
    • Project:Marialena & George (owned by George Terzis, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 1.30m Height: 0.90m
    • Project:Thalia & Yiannis (owned by Thalia Kaloida, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 1.00m Height: 0.70m
    • Project:Sophia & Alexandro (owned by Alexandros Kotsonis, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 1.00m Height: 0.70m
    • Project:Alexandros (owned by Alexandros Zafranas, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 0.40m Height: 0.60m
    • Project:Maria & Yiannis (owned by Yiannis, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: Length: 0.50m Height: 0.35m
    • Project:Kostas (owned by Kostas Stergiopoulos, GR)
    • Description:Dimensions: 0.70m x 0.70m
    • Project: Alexandros (owned by Alexandros Tsamousiadis, GR)
    • Description:
    • Project: Covers for University Publications
    • Description: Three of the artist paintings are used as covers for University Publications at www.kallipos.gr